Professional Services

We offer a number of professional services including Website Hosting/Design with focus on data management, as well as Embedded Devlopment, Custom Javascript Solutions, Mobile Development and Desktop Development (using web technologies, for instance Chrome Embedded Framework, CEF)

Website Hosting

We offer complete hosting solutions for your website, with a mobile first design philosophy we make sure that all of your visitors can view the web page as you intended. We offer custom design and make sure that your website is available on demand at all times of the day.

We also offer ehanced data services, coupling with existing sources of data or creating new ones. This allows you to track data internally, from monitoring key business metrics, such as stock or personel management throught to customer relation management. All of your data is accessible and we can do custom integrations with 3rd party systems.

Security is incredibly important and is the main focus of what we offer. By allowing fine grained control over who has access to your data we make sure that nothing leaks from the system. You can specify which individuals can see what. Meaning if you want to post up to date metrics from the database onto your site, nothing sensitive will be exposed.

Embedded Development

We also offer embedded services development. With a strong track record or delivering both hardware and software solutions to our customers. We can design new hardware if that is needed and deliver it on time and on budget. We can also integrate our data tracking system to allow you a real-time overview of the sensors or data collectors that you already have.

We have a number of successful solutions in production including a bus management system with Grammar School At Leeds (written in Python and C/C++) and with Drone Lab (written in Go).

Custom Javascript Development

Javascript drives a lot of the solutions we provide and the knowledge we have has allowed us to create powerful solutions for our customers. We have expertise in all facets of Javascript development from 3D modelling (using Three.js) through to websocket integration to allow real-time interaction with your customers.

We helped develop a custom shared whiteboard for language platform Langu, as well as a 3D mapping tool for Placechangers. It doesn't have to be a large project like those however as we are also happy to quote for small widgets to be embedded on the page, like the one on the front page of the Electro Cat website or an embedded code snippet to help with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), like the ones provided for Blacksun Books.

Mobile and Desktop Development

Desktop may be a shrinking market but for some applications it can't be avoided. The modern solution to this is to use Chrome Embedded Framework (CEF) to make web code (HTML, CSS and Javascript) available as a clean desktop based application, like Steam or Spotify. We have worked on a number of projects to allow our customers to access this powerful functionality.

Projects delivered to date include a successful rewrite of an application for Pearson Engineering and a customer management solution for Black Sun Books. The solutions can easily be translated to the mobile domain for supporting applications - Android, iOS and Ubuntu Touch.