Electro Cat Studios has been involved with making a few games, and continues to do so. Some of them are available to play online, some can be downloaded and others have been retire because they have become obsolete, for example where Android versions are no longer supported.


Snowgame started as an attempt to make something with Javascript and has grown into a fully playable game. With a multiplayer version in the works soon.

Dragon Plane

In 2013 the original Dragon Plane was released into the WinRT store, then later that year released on Android. This minimalistic puzzle game required guiding various dragons through a maze to get to a goal. The original had 30 levels. A new version is in the works, along with new tutorials on Bevy (A Rust based 3d framework).

Chinese Number Game

Originally conceived as a way to drill in the numbers in Mandarin this game was released on Android only. It is hoped that an open-source web-based version will be coming soon to help those wishing to gain fluency while working with numbers not in their native tongue.

Mars Game

Mars Game was a concept designed with TICE to allow participants to create sprite sheets for a game and drop them into a pre-existing game, through a web interface. This was designed as part of a course run over 3 non-consecutive days and allowing a presentation at the end to parents of the young people who had created assets in teams of 3.

Hackathon Games

Below are a list of some hackathon games which were created in a limited time span.