Education Projects

We have been very lucky to have been involved in, and run, a number of educational programs in and around the North East.

This is Creative Enterprise (TICE)

In 2015 we got started helping to run the Computer Science track in the TICE program. The TICE program is a three stage program which helps inspire people attending school (ages 13-15) get interested in various creative industries. Some of the other creative areas are Music, Fashion, Photography and Graphic Design.

The program runs a preliminary Insight day which introduces the studes to the creative area. In the Computer Science track this day starts with a talk on how to get started followed by hands-on practical sessions using Scratch and then later HTML and CSS to allow the students to produce a piece of their own work.

Those lucky enough to make it to the Explore stage get to take two days out of school and visit companies and learn some technical skills. For the Computer Science track this has involved taking the students to Campus North where we spoke to many of the companies and individuals based there. We also looked at Python using Raspberry Pis. For the other day we went to Northumbria University to look around and see what a university looks like. We also looked at Javascript and how it can help to manipulate data on a web page.

For the 2015/16 and 2016/17 programs we ran the program, for the 2017/18 session we are helping out the ever growing program. For more information about the program have a look here

Ladders Program

The Ladders program started in 2015 and offers NEETs (Not in Employment, Education or Training) the chance to enroll on the 12 week course with 8 weeks of software training. The first 4 weeks of material (rougly 8 hours a week of contact time) cover the basics of web programming and Python programming. The course is flexible so we can cover anything the participants are interested in, previously we have covered some Android mobile programming. For more information about the Ladders program click here. Ladders is run in collaboration with Generator.

Understanding Code

The Understanding Code program started in 2013 and has helped adults and younger people learn web technologies. The program runs over 7 weeks (week 4 is a week off). The course is free to attend thanks for Campus North and Tech for Life who kindly provide classroom space for us.

The course starts off by covering HTML, CSS and Javascript in the first 3 weeks then after the week 4 break it resumes with and introduction to Python. During the last 3 weeks of the course we go from the basics of Python (no prior knowledge is assumed) through to creating a web server to serve the pages we created in the first 3 weeks.

We have also run a few evenings of electronics programming with Python. Typically these use a Raspberry Pi to interact with sensors and LEDs. A great way to get started with programming and electronics. The course is suitable for beginners and professional programmers keen to get started with Raspberry Pi programming with Python.

Getting in contact with Electro Cat Studios to run an educational event

If you are interested in running an educational program that you think Electro Cat Studios could help with please send an email to