Why Does Electro Cat Exist?

When the Raspberry Pi first arrived on the scene I purchased one, I didn't quite manage to make the the pre-order batch but as soon as they were in stock again I bought one. This means that I am one of the lucky people who owns one of the original Raspberry Pi I series.

Where did I start

For the first six months of ownership my Raspberry Pi, a device I was elated to order and receive, sat in it's box on my side board. While I had many wonderous ideas about what I could use the device for, I had no idea how to get started. After six months I decided that it was high time I went online and figured out how to actually turn it on. This, it proved was not too easy of a task, first you have to burn an SD Card with a version of an operating system and only then can you start to connect it to a telly (assuming everything) went ok with the SD Card and it should start up. Thankfully things have changed a lot since I first tried to get my Raspberry Pi up and running and you can now consult the guides on the Raspberry Pi website here.

Up and Running

Even once you had managed to get the device up and running the sheer number of possibilities (not to mention figuring out how Linux works) can be overwhelming. As I have moved to the North East and helped with Code Clubs and with Tech for Life, I have come across many stories about the same neglected Raspberry Pis, sat on shelves or in drawers. With Electro Cat Studios I seek to demystify this wonderful device and help everyone (from kids to big kids like me) get the most out of the device, to learn some awesome skills (I credit this device with a huge shift in career that I have experienced and enabled me to work with startup companies, which I love doing). I hope that you will join me on this journey and that together we can create an amazing community of like minded individuals and families who can create and learn together.

I hope to meet many of you along the way