2019 Year in Review

We look back at 2019 and the things we achieved during the year.

Ignite Program

We were finishing up the Ignite Program in January which included a pitching segment. Phil pitched to an audience of around 50 people and it marked the end of the program. A brilliant opportunity, which includes information on how to cope with being a founder as well as driving growth and reaching a wider audience.

Photo courtesy of Emanuel Dobos Photography .

You Tube Channel

As part of the Ignite program and a desire to reach a wider audience we launched our official You Tube channel. The channel aims to provide practical tutorials to help people get started learning about programming. With views to expand this this year. If you have any topics that you would like to be covered either message us through You Tube or drop us an email on our email.

End of Ladders

It is with great sadness that we waved goodbye to the Ladders program, after 3 years of teaching we have helped over 30 students get started in Computer Science. Some have gone on to further study and a few have gone straight into their first jobs. It was a spectacular success with many great mentors coming through to give the participants as much information as possible.

Ladders Participants visiting Nebula Labs in Newcastle

TICE Final Show

We helped the animation track of the TICE Program. Using Javascript and HTML we created a simple HTML5 game allowing the students to upload their own graphics to animate the assets within the game. The projects are available here

A gif montage of from the TICE Animation Mars Game
A full write up of the 2018/19 TICE final show can be found here.

Mighty Futures

We got the opportunity to demo a drone simulator game at the Darlington Festival of Ingenuity. The first day we met several schools who got to play the game and we talked about possible careers in STEM available as well as what people might do to find a job like that.

The Electro Cat stand at the Darlington Festival of Ingenuity
On the second day we got the opportunity to meet the people of Darlington as they came to look around - discussing why they should encourage their students (or even themselves) to consider a career in STEM because of the huge numbers of opportunities available in the North East and all over the world.

A shot from inside the marquee at the Darlington Festival of Ingenuity

Skills Consultants

We were invited to deliver a masterclass lecture to a group of young people looking to learn new skills as part of a Saturday morning tech club, led and organised by Skills Consultants. We put together a Javascript asteroids clone and the students learned some useful Javascript and HTML skills while modifying the game, at first through a worksheet but then modifying it to make their own versions at the end. The event was sponsored by The Royal Institute.

Phil leading the masterclass

And some really awesome clients

We got the opportunity to work with some really brilliant clients in 2019 and we are grateful that we did. Here's a quick breakdown:


Langu is a language learning platform, connecting teachers and students, we helped to develop their new interactive whiteboard using Javascript and HTML 5 canvas.

Grammar School At Leeds

Working with Wylam Professional Services, owners and operators of Cirrus Vet, we produced hardware to help track people getting on and off the school bus. The system sends the information from each bus in real-time to the cloud where administrators can monitor and sort out billing. The system is a good example of our capabilities in delivering real-time IoT solutions and how they can be integrated into many different billing engines and systems, giving the flexibility required to any industry or project.


Placechangers is a way for organisations involved around planning get quick maps up to help engage with the general public. By providing easy to use tools for people to make comments they can engage quicker and more effectively with all the stakeholders. We helped them take their mapping technology from 2d to 3d using WebGL and Three.js.

Vegan Chemist

By helping Vegan Chemist to host their message and data online we are enabling them to reach potential customers. We are providing hosting for them using our new CMS system which helps give the site manager the control they need over the data they have as well as being able to quickly update the site to remain agile in a fast-paced environment. See our Services page to find out more about how we can help you with website buildling and hosting.