New Live Stream - Soccer Game in Javascript


We have been formulating an idea for a while about doing a live coding demonstration. Finally settling on an idea we are looking at Javascript and how to use it to create a game on a web page. The live stream went out on 9th December and was a big success. We created a canvas element and made a player (just a square right now) move around a pitch.

A screenshot from the livestream 9th December 2018


Starting at 11am we created the first page and then went on to populate it. The livestream gives insights into how we can create things using organic design methods (made up as we go) and also how to overcome certain issues that come up during game development. The livestream went for 2 hours and allowed us to interact with people on the stream in real-time. The usual problems occurred, audio was too quiet code didn't work the first time etc. Hopefully it's given a good insight into what one would do to overcome these problems as they occur. We have a Slack group with a growing community of members who are there to help you overcome problems, if you'd like to join then please email me for an invite to the community, it's free and we won't use your details in a way you wouldn't like. More details are available on our Privacy Policy.

The livestream recording from 9th December 2018

Coming Up

The next live stream is due for Saturday 22nd December where we hope to make the animation for the player character, including moving feet and rotating baesd on direction of travel. Join us then and in the mean time sign up to our You Tube channel for more updates.