Ladders Returns


After a couple of years of successful Ladders cohorts in both Newcastle and Sunderland, Ladders is once again returning to Newcastle. The course runs for 12 weeks and takes young people (aged 17-24) who are Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEETs) and gives them experience of the modern Tech Industry. We cover all aspects on the industry but, unlike other programs available, teach the skills that people would need to get started in a job upon graduation from the course.


The format of the course has changed from previouss cohorts. The sessions this time will be split into 3. The first is about exploring the industry and will involve visiting companies in the Newcastle as well as having people come in and talk about their experiences of life in the Tech Industry in the North East.
The second stage will involve mentoring - taking people who have never coded before, or who have a small bit of knowledge and helping them get to grips with the fundamentals of Web Development. The technologies behind web development are HTML, CSS and Javascript and participants will be learning the way that these three fit together to create a website. We'll also be looking at Python and how that can be used to run the 'back-end' of a website, including how the technologies fit together.
The final stage of the program sees participants from throughout the program as well as anyone who wants to develop their own idea who hasn't been been part of the process thus far.


On top of the led courses and project support, we also organise industry Masterclasses, leveraging some of the exceptional talent from around the North East. Previous Masterclass mentors have included Chai Lancombe-Barr of Mooshoo Labs and Troy Lonergan.

Troy Lonergan and Sally Dixon Masterclass in Sunderland (left) and Chai Lancombe-Barr delivering a hands-on Unity masterclass (right)


We also continue to support anyone who has been on the program before and as such continue to celebrate those who have to graduated from program. Profiles of successful graduates will be posted to the blog, with their permission.