Electro Cat Studios provides electronics and software based solutions for business and home automation problems. We draw on over 11 years of industry experience and experience working across many different sectors. If you would like to speak to us about a project you would like help with then please email phil@electrocatstudios.com.

Phil Jeffes

Phil has over 11 years of working as a software developer. A graduate in Electronic Engineering from York University he has worked as a software developer in many different sectors, from Radio to Security to Construction. He has lots of experience with back end server technologies and mobile development.

He has also been involved in a number of educational programs since moving to Newcastle Upon Tyne, in 2013. Through Tech For Life, a not-for-profit organisation based at Campus North, Phil was able to run a program called Understanding Code, which helped adults and young people get started with web development. This program taught HTML, CSS and Javascript alongside Python to help people learn how web servers work. Phil has also taught on the TICE program, which works with students at school to help them get started in Computer Science as a subject area, showing them what a typical software developer does to get into higher education to begin their careers. More recently Phil became involved with the Ladders program which helps 17-25 year olds Not in Employment, Education, or Training (NEETs) learn software development and get introduced to companies who work currently in Newcastle.

More about educational projects that Electro Cat Studios has been involved with can be found here.